Arturo Vergara

I am a blooming iOS developer, high school student and aspiring computer scientist. Passionate about cinema, reading and occasionally, photography and other arts. I have also been a musician for most of my life.

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No Happy Nonsense

See, I concur with Edward Gorey:

"There is no happy nonsense"

and I add

"There is only manic nonsense"

People buy because of the aesthetic experience surrounding a practical — often useful — product. Remove the product and what you get is the explanation of the intrinsic value of art.

This is also the strongest argument in favor of video games as art.

On Complexity

Here are two questions:

1. Parting from an entity that is not inherently complex, supposing it can produce complex situations, is it then considered complex? (Following a strict use of logic and semantics, this would not be a validly structured question, but given the current context, just ignore this)

2. Similarly, if that entity can appear to be complex, is it then therefore considered complex?

A Literary Experiment in Nonsensical Writing

So what is this?

Nothing. It is a literary experiment about nonsense. Recently I discovered my brain is capable of producing a seemingly endless thread of nonsensical phrases and sentences (as probably most of other people’s brains), so I decided to write down as many as I could before getting bored. Has this been done before? I don’t know (I didn’t do my research, sorry), but it could very well be.

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In Which I Decide To Give Polyphasic Sleep a Try

First, somewhat of an apology:


With that out of the way (you know what? Almost every single post I’ve made starts with an apology, maybe I should drop apologizing altogether), let’s move on to the good stuff.

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LOTRO for Mac European account migration

Ok, so after many, many days, I finally got to solve the problem some users of my LOTRO for Mac bundle have been experiencing.

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OS X Mountain Lion prediction

Yep, I’m gonna jump into the bandwagon and share a quick prediction (just one, albeit an important one). I have no idea if someone has already made this prediction, but here it is anyway:

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Rands In Repose: A Design Primer for Engineers

An excellent read. It has some really handy links to great design books.

A geek with a hat » Why programmers work at night

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